Clutch and Brake Australia (CBA)’s renowned brake products for passenger motor vehicles and light commercials.

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Brake Hydraulics

Clutch and Brake Australia (CBA) is the distributor for a wide range of brake hydraulic items including master and slave cylinders as well as hydraulic repair kits, brake hoses and related components. 

Brake Shoes

Manufactured locally in our West Australian factory, Brake Bonders quality bonded brake shoes have a well-earned reputation as an industry-leading product and the widest range on the market.

Delios Brake Rotors

Taking performance and 4wd brake discs to a whole new level. Distributed throughout Australia by CBA.


Brake Rotors

A wide selection, including the Mintex range designed for European models, and the Delios range, for the ultimate in 4wd and performance applications.

Brake Drums

A comprehensive range of brake drums to suit current and older vehicles.

Wear Sensors

Brake wear sensors are an added safety feature designed to warn the driver that brake pads have worn to a level where they must be replaced. CBA stocks wear sensors to suit all vehicles.

Brake Pads

Japanese, European, American and domestic applications available. Performance and Heavy Duty variants also available.